Hobby Servo

This node uses the Servo.h library to control a hobby servo.

A hobby servo has 3 wires and is very easy to set up. Simply plug the black wire into ground, the red wire into the 5v pin, and the yellow wire (or whatever color the non black and red wire is) into any PWM enabled digital pin. It is important that you use a PWM enabled pin. On many Arduinos there is a ~ character next to PWM enabled pins, if not search the internet for information on your model.

Note that servo motors generally use a lot of amps to run. You can get away with plugging one or two into your Arduino when using the USB supplied power, but if you are going to be using multiple servos be sure to use an external power source to power the motors.

For more info see the beginner servo control video tutorial.

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To use this node in your Embrio project, either add it from the Library toolbar or copy the XML in the below box and paste it into a node screen.