Project Tree

Video Transcript

The Project Tree is where the files that make up a program are organized into a folder structure. The main tree section shows a hierarchy of folders and files. Next to a file the first column shows the number of nodes in that file, the next column shows a check mark if there are any nodes that touch physical pins in that file.

To create a new file, right click on either a folder to add a file to that folder, or on an existing file to add a new file as a sibling of that file. To make a copy of a file, right click and select the “Duplicate” option.

The text box lets you do a text search for files. Press Shift + F to highlight the search box, or just click on it. When you type the tree filters out files to only show those that match. When you find the file you are looking for, select it, then press the Escape key to remove the filter leaving your file selected in the middle of the tree display. Note that by default folders are hidden when filtering, making it easier to see just the file names. To change this behavior, click on the gear icon in the top right of the tree to open the Project Tree settings. Here you can uncheck “hide folders when searching”, as well has hide the node count and “touching pin” columns.

The last option is to automatically select an item in the tree when a node exposing it is clicked in a node editor. To demonstrate: double click on the background of a node editor to select that file in the project tree. Then click on a node that exposes an agent, and that agent will be selected in the project tree.

To create a link to an Agent on another Agent, simply drag from the Project Tree to a Node Screen Editor. When you drag an Agent onto another Agent, it creates a link to that Agent.

To edit a Controller’s options, right click on the Controller node and click on Controller Settings. On this form you can change a Controller’s name or is hardware target type. You can also load references to external code and DLL files. More information on external references is in the section about creating custom nodes.

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