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A visual, real-time development tool for Arduino programming.

A visual, real time programming envrionment for the Arduino!

A New Development Strategy

Write low level Arduino code to interact with hardware, then structure your program and logic in a powerful yet easy to use, highly parallel “agent based” architecture.

Real Time Connection

Work with a live connection to your Arduino, see how your program works as you build it!

Compiles To Arduino

When your program is done, it can be compiled to run entirely on your Arduino! The profiler tool gives you accurate resource usage information while you work.

Check out this short video for more information, then download and try it out for yourself!

Learn more by going through the growing library of video tutorials, for example:


Distance Sensor Switch - In this short tutorial I show how to use a distance sensor as a switch to turn an led on and off.


Arduino to Arduino with I2C - This tutorial shows how to communicate between Embrio programs running on different Arduinos. It does this with custom Arduino nodes that use I2C via the Wire library.

This tutorial uses these pre-built nodes:

  • Advanced

    Autonomous Car - In this 3 part project we’ll see how to program an autonomous robot car using Embrio. The car has 3 behaviors. It wanders around, avoiding obstacles by turning away from near by walls and stopping before hitting a wall. Every so often it stops and...